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Three-day excursion

Weekend offer (three days - two nights)

For those who wish to relax and relieve stress, we can offer numerous excursions, hiking tours, but above all a break from city noise and busy business everyday, with specialties of Serbian cuisine and pleasant music.

Day 1

Arrival to the hotel in late afternoon, welcome drink at your choice, accommodation in the rooms, panoramic sightseeing of the lake and the surroundings with professional explanations of the guide, dinner with music.

Day 2

After breakfast, take a walk to Naupare Monastery.

The first written information about the Naupare monastery is found in the Charter of Prince Lazar from 1382, which gives the Drenča monastery, among other things, the "Dvor in Naupara with the church". The founders Naupare are the chilandarian monk Dorotej and his son Danilo, the future Serbian Patriarch, and according to the legend, the building of the church was helped by despot Stefan Lazarević. According to the architecture, Naupara monastery resembles a previously built church Lazarica in Krusevac and is a monument to the Moravian construction school. In 1454 the Naupara Monastery suffered a great deal of damage from the Turks. The present form of Naupar was completely reconstructed, which was carried out in 1835 at the order of Prince Miloš Obrenović, and by the efforts of the brothers Simić.

Arriving in the afternoon, relaxing in the hotel lobby or in the rooms, dinner with music.

Day 3

After breakfast departure to Krusevac, panoramic sightseeing of the city, purchase of souvenirs, visits to the church Lazarica.

The Lazarica church is the church of Prince Lazar, dedicated to St. Stefan, and rightly called the pearl of Moravian architecture. Its raising is related to the lifting of the capital of Prince Lazar, and in front of this church, the Serbian army was consecrated before leaving for Kosovo. It was built around 1376 and was built of stone, brick, mortar, and the way of building is basically Byzantine.

For guests who need a meal besides half-board, there is a la carte menu, at extremely favorable extra charge prices, as well as a lunch pack with fruit and water.

Period Price              Per person
1.02 -30.04. 2018.     50 euros
1.05 -1.09. 2018.       60 euros

Note: Amounts are charged in dinar counter value

The rooms are double and triple

All rooms have internet and cable

Supplement for single - 500 din

BTO - 70 RSD