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The paths of Prince Lazarus

Seven-day recreational break at Jastrepac - (seven days, six nights)

Jastrebac is the most forested mountain in Serbia and this part of the Balkans. Numerous streams and reefs are in a marvelous harmony, and in breathtaking beauty stands birch forests on a hiking trail to Majorove fountain (located on Prokop - the main ridge on Jastrepac). The highest peak of Jastrebac is Velika Đulica, which is at a height of 1492 meters.

Guests who want to relax, free the stress and walk to the most important toponyms on Jastrepac can offer numerous excursions and walking tours.

Day 1

Arrival of the group on Jastrebac, welcome drink and hotel accommodation. Lunch and afternoon break. Walk in the hotel complex and an agreement on the selection of hiking trails and mountaineering points that the group wants to go around. Dinner and rest.

The offer for the next days includes half board, breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner, at the choice of the guest who has to announce his decision at the reception the day before (today for tomorrow).

If the guest wishes an additional meal, there is a menu with exceptionally favorable extra charge prices.

Day 2

The Rizort Lake is one of the starting points for walking to the church of Saint Peter, which is reached in 30 minutes of easy walking bypass wide road. Hiking lovers can reach this church over the hill Gradac (574 meters above sea level).

Day 3

A little more demanding walk is to Beli's cabin - two hours of easy walking. Bijeli's cottage was built by our famous mountaineer, a retired judge, Milorad Beli Stankovic, at an altitude of 860 meters. The cottage was upgraded in time, so in this area there was a small ethnic village suitable for a full day stay in the mountain. The trail is marked by hiking markings.

Day 4

If you want to walk through the paths where he is hunted by Prince Lazar, then you should go to Naupare Monastery. The length of one of the most picturesque trails on this mountain is 16 kilometers, and this walk takes a full five hours. The Naupare Monastery was built in 1382, when it was first mentioned in the Zice Charter. By beauty, Nauparska rozeta, the masterpiece of Serbian medieval architecture, stands out.

Day 5

The famous "Path of Health" on Jastrepac is a climb to the striking White Wall which reaches 1256 meters. It takes about 4 hours to reach this peak over Sokol's stone.

Day 6

For the end of this walk to Jastrebac mountain, we recommend a day-long walk to Ribarska Banja, 30 km long. This is the best way to get to know the mountain. The course is demanding and is recommended only for those who are in good shape. And in Ribarska Banja there is a SPA center and relaxation.

Day 7

Breakfast and preparation for return through Kruševac, shopping of souvenirs, sightseeing of the city center and Lazarica church.

NOTE: Transportation to the spa center in Ribarska Banja is organized every day if there are at least eight interested parties. (In Ribarska Banja healing water helps in the treatment of orthopedic, bone and joint and degenerative diseases, but also to improve the overall state of the organism through a spa program, in order to achieve an optimal way of life and preserve health)

In addition to the offered facilities, for those who want to take a walk around the lake, we suggest that you visit the Slavujevo hill, a deer reserve and wild boar, as well as a big nursery where they can see sequoia.

It is interesting that you can stray at Jastrepcun because all streams lead to some village, Lomnik river or, of course, to the Rizort Lake. Mountains are rich with clean mountain water sources. Jastrebac is also suitable for lovers of mountain biking, squares, cross-country motorcycles and jeeps, through the famous circular road on this mountain.

Price of a seven-day arrangement for groups per person
Terms of service Price of arrangement Per day
1.02-1.06. PP 17.500,00 RSD 2.500,00 RSD
1.06-1.09. PP 19.600,00 RSD 2.800,00 RSD

Note: the 7th day lunch package

You can order a lunch package every day, at a price of 150 to 400 dinars, and the content is of your choice.

The hotel also organizes a gala dinner for the group's ending, the price of menus and music is arranged separately. We can also organize a lottery, the awarding of the diploma to the most successful hikers, the most sacrificed, the best on the forest path ...

We receive payments in the following ways:

- for a one-time payment in full amount we grant a discount of 5%

- Checks of citizens in four installments - First installment in the amount of 30% will be charged immediately, when booking

The rooms are double and triple

All rooms have internet and cable

Supplement for single - 500 din

BTO - 70 RSD