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A special attraction for the visitors of Jastrebac is a small accumulation lake that accepts the water of Jastrebacka river. In summer, it serves the purpose of swimming and recreation. It should be mentioned that the credit for the creation of this lake belongs primarily to the Kruševac youth, whose organization gave her an idea for him.

Beginning of work, after appropriate professional preparation, was on June 6, 1960 with 250 young people (40 of them from the Correctional House). Accommodation and food were provided at the restaurant "14 October". By striking work, youths managed to finish the dam in a month, and it was officially opened on July 7, 1960.

At the same time, creating a perfect bottom for receiving water, the young people made large shells from the river, which then built villas "Merima" (today "Idila" and "Zakicevo" (today "Trajal"). Of course, these factories helped Better conditions for the work of the brigade are created.

The "golden" tourist sixties of the last century filled Jastrebac and its lake excursions from Krusevac and tourists from other regions. In addition to bathing and hiking, guests also enjoyed a volleyball and basketball court, which, with stepped seats, also served for cultural and artistic events, including cinematic performances.