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The Idila: Mountain Fairy

Just like any authentic mountain fairy, ever since 1961, the Idila has been leaning over the lake itself, only 50 feet away from the Trayal Hotel. A great number of artists - painters and photographers - have celebrated through their work Its unique beauty and perfect harmony with the nature of Jastrebac. Its interior also provides fascinating comfort and high-quality service. The Idila offers 17 rooms and 2 suites, of a total capacity of 55 beds. Each room has an excellent wi-fi signal and a cable television. Besides, there are two halls – “Great Hall” (capacity of up to 80 seats) and “Congress Hall” (40), for all kinds of gathering, as well as the Billiard Parlour.

The two summer teracces (80 seats and 40 seats), situated above the lake shore, offer true enjoyment in the cleanest air and a fabulous view.


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