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Just 20 kilometers from Krusevac, the ancient Serbian capital, rises the cradle of hawks, the natural rampart,the famous Mountain from a novel by Dobrica Cosic and, according to Josif Pancic, the most wooded region of the Balkans, the home of Serbia's greatest epic Dragon - the magnificent Jastrebac.

The tourist complex Jastrebac Lake Resort is situated next to the fairy lake, which is famous world-wide for its exceptional national and international cuisine, first class accommodation, a knowledgeable selection of top-quality autochthonous homemade wine and great benefits offered by organizations - such as expert seminars, school of skills, workshops, team bilding and excursion, as well as spectacular weddings and other suitable gatherings.

There are two residential mountain "palaces" - Trayal Hotel and Idila at your disposal within the Resort, as well as the spectacular Adventure Park, a secluded summer house and a multi purpose court for small sports.

For all hikers, mountaineers, cyclists, skyrunners, orienteers, quad riders, and lovers of all other forms of active holidays, this destination certainly deserves to be a part of your holiday in its place, beauty and amenities.



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